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Sevensoft believe that we are obliged to do more than make money; business activities must be compatible with a sustainable future. We believe that enough technology exists, or will shortly be within our grasp, to secure a sustainable future, provided that it becomes affordable.

Through pressure from environmental activists and the voting populace, governments are grappling with legislation to reduce CO2 emissions. Much of the legislation seems to be poorly conceived and targets for reducing emissions seem very soft when seen from the viewpoint of an industry that works at a breakneck pace. The complete penetration of the mobile phone throughout western society within a decade is an example of the speed at which technology can be roled out. A new generation of 'Green entrepreneurs' is likely to achieve far more than governments can, provided they are given a business environment that makes the incumbent heavy CO2 emitters pay.

Electronics has an important role to play in many sustainable technologies. Transport is an area where we are seeing impressive strides in reducing energy requirements and low emission energy generation. The marketing of electric vehicles as 'zero emissions' is unfortunate as it is inaccurate and confuses the comparison with other technologies. We are endeavouring to apply our areas of expertise to automotive transport.